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cross paths with us.

Throughout history, crossing paths with a black cat has symbolized different things: good luck, bad luck, prosperity, harbingers of misfortune, witchcraft, weather predictions - the list goes on and all depends on your context, culture, mythology, and location. At Black Cat Theatre, we invite you to cross paths with us and to decide for yourself how it feels. Make your own luck. Choose your own destiny. Defy superstition. We choose to define theatre by our own values – sustainability, transparency, and education – and invite our artists to do the same. What does theatre mean to you? We invite you to cross paths with us and find out.

company values

current project

"Lady and Lord’s daughter, Jules, is dead, and someone is going to pay. While attending grief counseling sessions, the parents discover that their counselor, Lawrence, had a hand in Jules’ death. They plot revenge, but off in Mantua, Jules is still alive. Probably. Her happy-ever-after is so unhappy that she’s beginning to wonder if the fake-your-death potion was really poison. Her husband, Ro, can’t stop thinking about the people he killed to get to this honeymoon. Shadows keep seeping out of the walls to haunt both star-crossed couples, and the earth is heating up, and the world is ending, and we’re all gonna die anyways so can love be enough when you aren’t even sure that love exists?”


This is the plot of When She Went to Mantua, a new take on Romeo and Juliet by Chicago-based playwright Natalie Welber – and Black Cat Theatre’s second production! Taking place on April 9th, 2024 at The Edge Off Broadway, this beautiful, dark, funny, and prescient new work will feature six performers tackling text and mastering movement in an intimate playspace– graciously co-produced by Idle Muse Theatre.

past projects

the jacaranda tree

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