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Throughout history, crossing paths with a black cat has symbolized different things: good luck, bad luck, prosperity, harbingers of misfortune, witchcraft, weather predictions, - the list goes on and all depends on your context, culture, mythology, and location. Similarly, the reception of and attitudes around queerness have varied greatly throughout history, culture, and context.

At Black Cat Theatre, we are reclaiming both black cats and queerness: we cross paths with theatre by queering it. We focus on:

  • queer stories and playwrights

  • queering casting and relationships on stage

  • queering form by playing with language that is heightened, poetic, or otherwise pushes bounds of traditional theatrical structure

Make your own luck. Choose your own destiny. Defy superstition. What does theatre mean to you? We invite you to cross paths with us and find out.

black cat theatre

cross paths with us.

support Black Cat Theatre

BCT is a 501c3 nonprofit, meaning all your donations are tax deductible! Click on the links below to donate to BCT via PayPal or Venmo. All donations help to offset our initial capacity building costs (incorporation/filing fees, the costs of our first production, etc) as well as support future productions, with a priority on artist compensation.

our values

queering theatre

author and activist bell hooks describes queerness as follows: “Queer' not as being about who you're having sex with (that can be a dimension of it); but 'queer' as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and that has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live.”

At BCT, we apply this meaning of queer to theatre. We use theatre as a means to invent, create, and find a place for queer folx to speak, thrive, and live by:

  • Producing works that center queer stories and/or are by queer playwrights

  • Centering queerness in casting and the relational dynamics on stage

  • Queering the form of theatre itself by gravitating towards works that engage with language via a sense of play, be that utilizing heightened language, poetics, adaptations, etc.

financial transparency

making art under capitalism is difficult, to state the obvious. In order to honor and protect the work of everyone involved in making our art, we believe in full-spectrum budget clarity for all involved artists, as well as clear expectations of each artists' duties and roles within the project. We will establish non-arbitrary ticket prices and share pertinent budget info with patrons for expense clarity.

fostering community through education

 at BCT, we believe that the best theatre artists are well-rounded ones, and that theatre is beautiful because it is an inherently communal process. We center these beliefs by aiming to have education, training, and ensemble-building structured into our rehearsal processes. We want to prioritize growing and learning as a community by giving teaching hours and leadership opportunities to artists looking to build their craft, be that in our rehearsal processes or through community-open workshops.

Meet the Company Members

past projects

when she went to mantua

the edge off broadway, spring 2024 / playwright: natalie welber / directors: jared sheldon, cee scallen / stage manager: jessica edwards / fight choreographer: kate lass / thanks to Idle Muse Theatre Co. for use of their set

the jacaranda tree

two hearted queen, fall 2023 / playwright: cori lang / director: savannah selbach / stage manager: caycelynn hoggard / thanks to Cely Garcia and Cassandra Andrewson for use of their space

the black cats 

meet the feline inspirations behind Black Cat Theatre: Luna and Levi





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